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Clarington's Home Children
163 pages.  Features the stories of 38 of the nearly 700 Home Children who were taken into the homes of Clarington residents between the years 1869 and 1949.  Read about their hardships, and their triumphs!
$25.00 and $6.00 postage.
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Identifying Heritage Apples Across Ontario


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WW1 Nursing Sisters of Old Durham County

This book was published AUGUST 1ST, 2014.

It is the story of the WW1 service of 36 nurses from the old Durham County, where they were born, where they studied nursing, where they served overseas, and what they did upon their return to Canada.

This is a MUST HAVE for anyone interested in the old County and its history.  To order a copy of the book  e-mail Sher, retail price, soft cover - $30

Please add $10 to each order for shipping and handling within Canada.

Sher was interviewed over Cobourg Radio Station, 89.7, about this book.    To listen to either or  both parts of this program, click here and here

This is a 3 year project culminating in over 300 pages of church history.  With only 70 churches now found in the original townships of the old county, there once was over 240 churches!  Where did they all go?  Why did they disappear?

Read all about it.  Find it in the Local History section of this page.

Every now and then along comes a book that I didn't write, but that I must tell you about. 

BOWMANVILLE,  150 Stories for 150 Years is one of those books.

It falls into the category of Local History.  It was  compiled by Kevin Anyan and Charles Taws in 2008 as a project of the town's Sesquicentennial.  

Many of the photos come from the Rehder Collection, now housed at the Bowmanville Museum.  Senior citizens were asked what they best remembered about Bowmanville and they responded with some very wonderful stories and memoirs.

Just $20.00 each, this book is a must have for anyone with a connection to Bowmanville.

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If you are in Bowmanville one day, copies are available at the Musuem

Another interesting book to come my way is...
JOURNEY FROM CORNWALL, a novel by Mary T. Carlson.
Mary, like myself, was an avid family researcher.  Her ancestors came from Cornwall, England, and as she researched their journey to their new home in North America, she realized their experience was the stuff movies (and novels) are made of.  Changing the names of the people to protect their descendants, Mary wrote up their experiences!  GREAT READING!
Mary sent me a box of books, so now's your chance to  own one.
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